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[Demons.exe | Fic]

Yang walked down the hallway of her apartment, thinking back over the day. She'd gotten an early phonecall from Ruby, who had discovered that a boy she'd met and befriended a while back was in town again. While Yang had been initially cautious, all of that had vanished when she discovered that it was Daniel, someone she'd met on her own by... well, accidental mistaken identity, really. It had been something of a testy moment at the time given who she had briefly mistaken him for (that mask of his caused quite a reaction), but everything had been smoothed over and she was glad by now to call the young boy a friend of hers, too. So she'd readily agreed to Ruby dragging him over to hang out today, as eager as she was to get to know him better.

The day was over now and the night was marching on. She'd just left her sister asleep in the second bedroom and was going to check on their guest, who had been looking through some of his own things the last time she had seen him. It had been a momentary struggle to get him to agree to stay the night, but she had won in the end. Hey, Yang knew how to work a good argument.

Pausing at the mouth of the dark livingroom she took in the debris scattered around, shaking her head with a lightly amused smile. A group of teenagers (and a dog) could certainly make a mess of things when they really got going. She moved forward again, now bending down every now and then to pick up something new. Wrappers, an empty cup, spare batteries from a wireless controller that'd died earlier that night and needed to be recharged. She worked her way over to the couch and stopped again, the smile on her face considerably softer now.

Daniel was fast asleep, sprawled out on his front in a fashion that clearly said he'd landed that way. One arm was slung off the edge of the couch and some kind of book was near his limp fingers, having fallen out of his hand when he dropped off. Depositing her armful in a nearby chair to be dealt with later, Yang wound her way between the coffee table and the couch, bending down to pick up the book and to drag the couch's throw over Daniel in the same motion. As she straightened she happened to look at the book, noting with some small surprise that it was a photo album.

She smiled as she headed toward the light of the kitchen, idly paging through the book. The boy had told them some about his family earlier, how he had been adopted and never knew it, and was now trying to find his bloodline. It was a search she could empathize with, and after all of that she was more than a little curious about what his natural family was like. She didn't mean to go through his personal things, not really. But it was here in her hands, and she couldn't quite help it. So she stood by the kitchen table, turning so the soft glow of the flourescent lighting fell across the pages, and she flipped through them.

Except... as she went, the more something tugged at her mind. There were mostly photos of his parents, interspersed with large groups of people of indeterminate gathering, and she found herself going back again and again to a few of the photos in particular. There were glimpses of an emblem she couldn't quite put her finger on, but that wasn't it... Something about someone's... face...

Turning another page nearly led to her dropping the album entirely. As it was she had to be quick to catch it, a rare fumble for the usually put-together Yang.

Her and Ruby's uncle was in one of the photos.

Now she knew why something looked familiar, especially once she saw it all side by side. There was their Uncle Qrow, standing with a woman she had assumed was Daniel's birth mom. And on another page, standing with both of them...

Her grip on the book tightened enough that it was shaking, and if there were anyone awake to look they would see her eyes go from purple to red in the span of a blink. Then she closed them, breathing in through her nose. Slow inhale, longer exhale... Calm. Okay. In control of herself again, she glanced down at the photo of the trio, younger than she had ever known two of them, but there was no mistaking them. Why that one would be in a photo with Qrow was obvious, but why Daniel's mother? Friends? Or...

Suddenly desperate for answers she flipped to the front of the book again, in hopes there was a dedication, a "This Belongs To....", anything! She was doomed to disappointment though, at least initially. Because after a moment a folded piece of paper in the pocket of the cover caught her attention, and she placed the album on the kitchen table to slide it out. A glance at Daniel, a mental apology for rifling through his things, and then she unfolded the paper.

And promptly sank into the nearest chair.

The paper proved to be personal indeed, the adoption papers from Daniel's own story. They laid out his new family's name and address, his birth family's name and address, and some other data. It was one slot in particular that caught her eye though, holding it as if she'd been commanded to stare at it and it alone.

Natural Mother, first name, maiden name: Merletta Branwen

Branwen. Qrow's last name. That woman's last name... And now, Daniel's mother's...?

Yang's own hands numb, she lifted her head and stared wide-eyed at the boy- her cousin -asleep on the couch. And she didn't know what to make of it. This made him family now, right? And it didn't seem to be something he was aware of, or else he would've brought it up. Ditto for Ruby, who surely would've mentioned it before now; Ruby would have made the biggest deal in the world about it, in all the best ways. Only she knew, and she didn't know what to make of it. Especially since Daniel had his own search, one that suddenly meant leaps and bounds more than it had before, and given that it was already fairly heavy, that was saying something.

No. Yang knew what to do. She folded the adoption papers back and put them back in the book, then stood up and walked over to the couch. Kneeling, she settled the album on the floor in as close to the position she'd found it in, and then paused before standing back up. Daniel got his covers tucked in a little closer around him, and Yang stood the rest of the way.

Clenched fists at her sides, she strode toward her door with purpose and determination, eyes fire red in the dim light. It was only getting later, and perhaps leaving them by themselves wasn't the best course of action. They had Zwei here though, he was smart, corgis were a working class and their dog was special.

She had something she needed to do.

The door opened quietly and she slipped out, closing it behind her and locking it without looking back.

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