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playersandpieces ([personal profile] playersandpieces) wrote2017-03-09 12:42 am

McDuck Tales

Catalogue of plurks centered on stories from the Uncle $crooge line of comics.

  • One Story: 'Tis the Season
  • One Story: Uncle Scrooge and the Fabulous Tycoon
  • One Story: The McDuck Foundation (official start of the comic plurks)
  • One Story: Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark
  • Three Stories: I.O.U... But Who?; How to Induce A Miser; Bossing the Boss
  • Three Stories: A Matter of Some Gravity; Attaaaaack!!!; Debt to a Salesman
  • One Story: The Seven Cities of Cibola
  • One Story: Forget It! and assorted one-page gags
  • Two Stories: A Spicy Tale; The Money Well
  • Four Stories: Back to the Klondike; Prisoners of White Agony Creek; Hearts of the Yukon; The Dream of a Lifetime
  • One Story: Obedience
  • One Story: Brother From Another Earth!
  • Three Stories: A Land-Office Business; Blossom and Jetsam; The Ten Cent Valentine
  • One Story: Body Swap
  • Three Stories: On Stolen Time; The Lemonade Fling; The Money Pit
  • Three Stories: Gold Foolery; Two For One; Smarter Than the Toughies
  • One Story: Only A Poor Old Man
  • Three Stories: The Universal Solvent; The Black Knight; The Black Knight Glorps Again
  • Three Stories: Magic's Missin' Magica!; The Diamond Mine of Vladistinki; Chugwagon Derby
  • Four Stories: Red Roses and Blueberry Pie; Can I Bring Anything?; Santa's Unexpected Visit; So Far and No Safari
  • Two Stories: His Majesty, McDuck; A Letter From Home